What To Expect on a Practical Day

What To Expect on a Practical Day

The practical days are designed so the trainees have the maximum amount of practical support and guidance possible. We ensure that our learners practice injection into all areas of the face and familiarise them with differing injection techniques and depths depending on our clients needs and wants. By the time you leave us we guarantee that you will feel confident, assured and assertive, you will typically practice on between 15-20 models a day and on each different facial area at least twice. We have a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere but we still manage to keep our professionalism and expertise, we are confident that you will enjoy every minute training with us and meeting our lovely clients.

Our dermal fillers practical days are over two days, the Botox practical is one day.  Below is a typical timeline of events for our training days, please note that this is a timeline for our dermal fillers days, the same is applicable for Botox training but over the course of one day.

TimeWhat Happens?
10:00Collection of uniform
I.D Check
Review of qualifications and first aid certificates
10:30Powerpoint Presentation
Group Discussion/Q&A
12:00Lunch - Provided
13:00Practical work on Models
Day 2
10:00Group Discussion on what has been covered so far
11:00Practical Work on Models - with lunch slots scheduled as needed
17:00Students collect their certificates

Upon completion of the practical days, students will receive their certificate of training completion,  a PDF file of consultation, medical questionnaire, consent and aftercare forms needed for their progression into the industry, details on pharmacy registration and insurance, registration with their own prescriber.  They will also be given the chance to attend an additional refresher course if needed. All this ensures that you are fully qualified and ready to practice straightaway, students will also be entitled to our on-going advice and support where appropriate.  Please note that for Botox it is a one day practical but the above is all applicable.

The pictures below are some of our students at work on our practical days: